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Industrial manipulators and industrial grippers

Lifting equipment for KLT container handling!
Effortless repacking and moving of KLT containers!

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KLT handling manipulator for lifting KLT


Wherever reusable packaging for small parts or sensitive products needs to be transported, small load carriers (KLT) and large load carriers (GLT) can be used. For example, in the automotive industry, the standardized KLT‑system from well-known manufacturers has a connecting function in the movement of goods between the supplier industry and the automotive assembly workstations. From the original development for the automotive industry, other industries have long since used the stackable and easily transportable KLT containers for the transport of production parts Production.
The KLT (small load carriers) are also available under the names Euro‑containers, Euro‑standard containers or Euro‑ Box known.
Easily transportable when stacked on Euro pallets and for individual transport on conveyor belts or picking trolleys. The KLT‑Boxes have specially shaped carrying handle recesses for moving andhandling the KLT‑Boxes. The special shapes are intended for picking up, stacking and unstacking using power-operated lifting equipment such as electric towing cranes or robots . The carrying handle recesses are also intended for manual transport.
However, the aforementioned lifting equipment technologies have the disadvantage that they often cannot be used economically in practice.

For example:
Electric towing cranes are too slow and barely reach the production workload. Robots can only be used to a limited extent because robot workstations are more expensive and usually inflexible for the usual KLT‑workstations.
The KLT‑boxes are therefore often lifted and transported manually using pure physical strength. When loading or unloading the

STRÖDTER handling manipulator for KLT

Photo: STRÖDTER Ergomanipulator PICO-MAT with KLT gripper

KLT‑Boxes of Euro pallets, the worker must bend down for the deeper stacking layers and stretch upwards for the higher stacking layers.

These are not ergonomic body movements for handling, which have a long-term harmful effect on the worker's health. Due to the However, this is often still common practice.

Even KLT‑boxes with heavy contents are often still handled manually. The

offer a solution for KLT‑workstations

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STRÖDTER Handling‑Manipulators. Special pillar‑articulated arm manipulators for individual workstations or for larger work areas lifting axis manipulators with a smooth‑running rail system can be used economically as lifting devices or so-called relocators.

STRÖDTER offers with its Manipulator program Devices with which KLT‑boxes can be grabbed quickly and easily and can be transported and handled while floating (child's play).
With the STRÖDTER System Technology the worker can without bending down and stretching weightless and health-friendly the KLT‑Handling boxes. The speed for handling the KLT‑boxes corresponds to the natural movement speed of the worker, so economical work is guaranteed.
Since the converter allows you to work without getting tired, even more production output is possible.

STRÖDTER lifting aid for KLT

Photo: STRÖDTER lifting aid KLT gripper

If it is possible to move several KLT‑boxes (a whole stack) in one operation, then STROEDTER offers special for this >Gripper systems.
(See video links above)
The economic benefit is of course many times higher - STROEDTER makes stacking simply easy!

KLT in transport

Small load carriers (KLT) are used by many companies to transport their products used between the production areas. Depending on the transport use, the filled KLT‑containers are stacked close together and on top of each other at the loading stations, for example on Euro pallets or transport trolleys transported. The KLT‑Boxes must be unstacked again at the delivery location. Products that are transported in KLT containers often have to be handled more quickly due to production reasons. In most workplaces this often happens with pure physical strength.

A very stressful activity for the worker and, in addition to the physical exertion, there is also the strain on the spine caused by bending over when lifting the KLT's from the pallet standing on the floor.
STRÖDTER handling technology offers special lifting manipulators for this purposeKLT‑container grippers.

With These KLT‑manipulators can handle the KLT‑containers (KLT‑Handling‑TYP1.pdf)just as fast as the manual one Activity can be implemented and it is often possible to implement several KLT's or even a entire stack at the same time with the handling manipulator. (KLT‑Handling‑TYP2.pdf)
If this is possible, then the implementation is much faster than individually with manual physical strength and therefore much more economical.
If KLT‑containers are so heavily loaded that only two workers can carry a container together, the economic efficiency is even greater because one worker is saved.


STRÖDTER double rope balancer PICO-MAT for lifting KLT

KLT handling

STRÖDTER handling manipulator with the HANDLING SYSTEM CELL

KLT handling device

STRÖDTER PICO-MAT on the POLYGON profile system with ROLLYXPLUS+ rails

KLT gripper

Hovering is better than lifting!
Handling manipulators from STRÖDTER
System supplier for lifting aids in B2B


Efficient warehouse organization with Euro boxes, small load carriers and STRÖDTER handling technology: maximum efficiency and space savings

Handling technology: Maximum efficiency and space saving

In today's world In a busy business world, optimal warehouse organization is crucial to ensure the smooth operation of companies. The use of Euro boxes, small load carriers and the innovative STRÖDTER handling technology offers a powerful solution to optimize storage processes and make the best possible use of the available space.

The synergy of EuroBoxes, small load carriers and STRÖDTER handling technology

The combination of Euro‑Boxes, small load carriers and STRÖDTER handling technology opens up a new dimension in warehouse organization. STRÖDTER, a pioneer in the production of high-quality storage solutions, offers innovative handling technology with handling manipulators that are perfectly suited to the use of Euro -Boxes and small load carriers. This synergistic connection enables a seamless integration and maximizes the efficiency of your warehouse processes.

Efficient storage thanks to STRÖDTER handling technology

The STRÖDTER handling technology enables effortless moving, stacking and transporting Euro‑Boxes and small load carriers. This not only reduces manual work Significant effort, but also minimizes the risk of injury to your employees. The handling technology from STRÖDTER optimizes work processes and ensures a smooth flow of materials, saving valuable time.

Tailor-made solutions for your requirements

With STRÖDTER handling technology you can handle Euro‑boxes and small load carriers individually implemented and optimally positioned. Precise and safe gripping technology makes it possible to store and transport efficiently. This level of flexibility helps make your warehouse organization more efficient and better organized.

Sustainability and cost-effectiveness

The STRÖDTER handling technology not only contributes to increasing efficiency, but also to sustainability Of your company. The optimized use of Euro boxes and small load carriers reduces the need for additional packaging materials. The durability and robustness of the STRÖDTER solutions ensure that your Investment experiences value preservation in the long term.

Conclusion: Revolutionize your warehouse organization with STRÖDTER handling technology, Euro boxes and small load carriers.

The strategic one Integration of Euro‑Boxes, small load carriers and STRÖDTER handling technology gives your warehouse organization a competitive advantage. The seamless collaboration of these components increases efficiency, reduces costs and optimises the available space. Invest in the future of your company by relying on the proven combination of Euro boxes, small load carriers and STRÖDTER handling technology put.

KLT ‑Crates (Small Load Carriers) and Euro‑Containers are used in a variety of industries for the transport and storage of goods and products used. Some of the industries where KLT‑Crates and Euro‑Containers are most commonly used are:
Automotive Industry: KLT boxes and Euro containers are often used in the automotive industry for transporting auto parts such as engines, transmissions, components and accessories. Electronics industry: In the electronics industry, they are used by manufacturers for safe storage and for transporting electronic parts, devices and components.
Food and beverage industry: In this industry, KLT boxes and Euro containers are used to store and transport food, beverages and packaging materials. Logistics and transport companies: These companies use KLT boxes and Euro containers to transport and store goods efficiently and safely.
Chemical industry:Chemical products and raw materials are often stored and transported in KLT boxes and Euro containers, as these containers make it easier to handle hazardous substances safely. Retail: Euro containers are often used for display in shops and supermarkets and storage of goods.
Mechanical engineering industry: KLT boxes and Euro containers are used in mechanical engineering to transport machines, machine parts and tools. Pharmaceutical industry: This industry uses KLT‑boxes and Euro& #8209;Containers for transport and storage of medicines and medical products.
Textile and clothing industry:Euro containers are often used to transport and store textiles and clothing. Agricultural technology and food processing: In agricultural technology and food processing, KLT‑ ;Crates and Euro‑containers for the storage and transport of agricultural products and foods used. Agricultural technology manufacturers use them in their manufacturing and production.
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